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Hello, my name is Michele and I was born in Maryland in 1978. North East Maryland was my home till Christmas of 1989 when my family and I arrived here in beautiful Florida. Now, this is my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only downfall is I am obsessed with Fall.., but I have found ways around that and I make it work!


Aside from a photographer, I'm a wife as well. My husband and I met in 1990 and have been together since 1994. I'm also a mother to two amazing adult children, who have been lucky enough to be the subjects of many of my photo's throughout the years.


My love for photography dates back to my earliest memories. I always loved flipping through the family albums, watching all these beautiful life moments unfold with each page turn. When my son was born in 1995 my father gave me the Polaroid camera that took all those pictures I loved looking at as a kid and a Keystone Easy Shot 450 35mm camera, both of which I still have today. I immediately started snapping away capturing those everyday moments and telling my family story through photographs. That's when my love turned into a passion.


In 2007 with both my children in school, I enrolled in MCC, majoring in Graphic Design in Multimedia. There I explored the more technical side of art across multiple mediums. From drawing, painting, videography, and photography. My goal was to learn more about editing and composition to help me become a better artist and photographer.


In 2008, my daughter wanted to get into acting and modeling. So I grabbed my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H3 and we headed out for a photo shoot to take photos to start her portfolio. That is when my journey as a real photographer began. In 2009 my daughter won a modeling contract and was later picked up by Trig Modeling where I was praised for her portfolio shots.


Fast forward to today, both my children are full grown and on their own. I am now in a place where I can take my life long love of photography to the next level. when I'm not behind the lens, I'm reading and learning. I'm always striving to improve my skills every day. I am a natural light photographer and my goal is to give you the best product possible.​


I look forward to creating wonderful memories for you!

What's In My Bag


Nikon D3400

Nikon Coolpix A900

AF-P Nikkor 18-55mm Lens

AF-P Nikkor 70-300mm Lens

VIV-55W Wide Angle 55mm Lens

VIV-55T Telephoto 55mm Lens

RF-550D LED Macro Ring Flash Light

AP-FLS-UNV1 Speedlite Flash

AP 5x4 Flash Diffuser Softbox

VIV-CL-55 Macro Filter Kit

VIV-FK3-55 Lens Filter Kit

Step Rings

Lens Hoods

5-in-1 light Reflector Kit

Tripod with removable Monopod

Mini Tripod

Extra Batteries!


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